The Seattle-based vocalist Elnah Jordan soulfully delivers gospel, jazz, blues, and R&B songs with keyboardist Eric Verlinde. Jordan’s experience includes a long stint portraying Bessie Smith in Jon Hendricks’s theater production Evolution of the Blues.

Ohio born and raised Elnah Jordan was introduced to singing as a child in church choir. The interconnectivity between that experience and the blues is what led her to a life dedicated to jazz, performing on the streets of San Francisco, in clubs, and Broadway theatre, all the while true to her roots at the crossroads of American ethnomusicology. She can belt out Bessie Smith as she did in Jon Hendrick’s The Evolution of the Blues, or summon the spirit of Nina Simone. In a club setting, Jordan maintains a close connection with her audience, interpreting the vibe and energy of the room. In a duo format, that connection feels very personal.

Pianist Eric Verlinde has acquired a reputation for versatility and reliability in his 20-plus years on the Seattle scene. He may just be the hardest working, most in demand pianist in town. He has gained a reputation of being the pianist of choice for many singers, appearing often with Josephine Howell at El Gaucho, or with Brazilian vocalist Adriana Giordano in the Entremundos Quarteto. Verlinde transitions from Latin Jazz, to post-bop seamlessly. His depth as a pianist is best witnessed leading his trio featuring bassist Dean Schmidt and drummer Jeff Busch.

Together, Jordan and Verlinde show how thin the lines actually are between the blues, jazz, gospel, and rhythm & blues. They do so with a large measure of soul, with Jordan’s positive, energetic style accompanied perfectly by Verlinde. His role as a soloist serves as an equal partner to Jordan’s vocal aesthetic. His ability to swing hard, or beautifully articulate a ballad is colored by his melodic approach to improvisation,

Personality wise, the duo shares a penchant for inviting the audience into the performance. Their instinctive, beguiling music is social music, a tonic for these communally challenged modern times.

–Paul Rauch

Hi There,

Eric Verlinde and I were invited to The Earshot Jazz Festival for the first time. We were honored and a heartfelt Thank you. We have dedicated this performance to both of our Mothers who are struggling with their health. The show will be aired on earshot on the 29th of October, more info to come.Stay Blessed and a Blessing to others

Elnah Jordan Experience

I am so thankful to have received a project grant from 4Cultures along with a grant from the 4culture relief fund.  A heartfelt thank you to King County Public Art Program for your support.  I would also like to thank Dow Constantine, Rod Dembowski and Larry Gossett also for the support.  My vision is to bring music to the elderly in their residents adding other artist such as dancers, spoken word artist, along with different instruments.  I am also hoping to branch out to hospice patients after seeing how much it means to the patients and their families.

This comes at a time when I needed to be inspired and a Blessing to others.  Again, a heartfelt thanks to all who supported me and my dear sister Monique Franklin, who insisted I write the grant.   Looking forward to keeping you posted of my progress.

Listen to the Sounds of Elnah Jordan.


Elnah Jordan is the Solar Center of the breathtaking experience. She is an award-winning vocalist, song writer, actress and story teller. With her entourage of the city’s finest musicians, background trio and poets/story tellers, you are guaranteed the perfect experience that your patrons expect. Elnah is a powerhouse who has mastered Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Swing, and Gospel/Inspirational. Her singing is honest. She opens her heart and gives her all. Elnah’s vocal artistry has vast range and depth. The texture can be velvety smooth or raspy. Her voice can be crystal clear or smoky. She can be sassy or soulful. It is always a joyous and emotionally charged experience.

Elnah’s passion for singing makes her performances unforgettable. She works with you to craft the perfect experience that you are seeking. Together, you will create the mood that your patrons expect and make your venue stand out. Elnah and her pianist also offer performances for the smaller or more intimate audience. No matter the venue, you will be delighted and satisfied with the results.


Let’s help ELNAH JORDAN through this crisis!


Help Seattle's iconic musician, Elnah Jordan, in her financial, housing, and health crisis. Your donation, big or small, can make a difference in keeping this songbird soaring.

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