Elnah Jordan is the Solar Center of the breathtaking experience. She is an award-winning vocalist, song writer, actress and story teller. With her entourage of the city’s finest musicians, background trio and poets/story tellers, you are guaranteed the perfect experience that your patrons expect. Elnah is a powerhouse who has mastered Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Swing, and Gospel/Inspirational. Her singing is honest. She opens her heart and gives her all. Elnah’s vocal artistry has vast range and depth. The texture can be velvety smooth or raspy. Her voice can be crystal clear or smoky. She can be sassy or soulful. It is always a joyous and emotionally charged experience.

Elnah’s passion for singing makes her performances unforgettable. She works with you to craft the perfect experience that you are seeking. Together, you will create the mood that your patrons expect and make your venue stand out. Elnah and her pianist also offer performances for the smaller or more intimate audience. No matter the venue, you will be delighted and satisfied with the results.

Listen to the Sounds of Elnah Jordan.

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